Mariane Hotta

Born and raised in Brazil, Mariane Hotta decided to return home after 10 years in consulting to become CFO of her family business (and catch up on all of her favorite Brazilian soap operas!).

After graduating with a degree in industrial engineering, Mariane traveled all over South America, Spain and the U.S during her years as a consultant. She loves traveling and learning different languages, although, despite her best efforts, she can only have a meaningful conversation in Portuguese or English.

She received her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2009 and for the last two years she has been working on restructuring projects, mainly focused on the turnaround of her family business in Brazil. To clear her mind, Mariane loves watching Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen movies, practicing yoga and running (whenever her two little boys allow her to do so!). With a love for meeting people from different cultures, she is very excited to learn about your unique background as an MBA admissions consultant.

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