Lia Lenart

Lia Lenart, born and raised in Cambridge, MA, has graduated twice from Harvard Yard: once as a high schooler, when the university generously invited the local public school to use their facility, and once as a college graduate, after completing four years at the university.

Ms. Lenart graduated with honors in Social Studies and a minor in English from the esteemed university. An aspiring screenwriter, in college she studied with Danny Rubin (Groundhog Day) and had her own original one act read aloud at the American Reparatory Theatre. She has worked for author Diane Levin on her most recent book Too Sexy Too Soon and—since moving to continue her career in Los Angeles—for the Executive Producer of the hit show White Collar.

After being awarded the Carol K. Schlesinger Grant for her undergraduate thesis research, Lia worked as a grant writer for the non-profit American Education Foundation and has extensive experience as an applications consultant.

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Why did you go for an MBA?

Going to a "good" college was an expectation I grew up with, so I worked really hard in high school to make that a reality. Once I got into Harvard, though, I took the reigns and began to really focus my energy on studying what interested me. I had always wrote and acted, but I began taking playwriting and screenwriting courses - and even had a play I wrote read aloud by professional actors my senior year.

What's your all-time favorite memory from business school?

Celebrating with my friends after completing my thesis senior year. After I handed it in to my department, they all came over to my dorm...only to find me sound asleep. A five hour "power nap" later and I was ready!

What is your Achilles Heel? Your biggest weakness?

Sleeping. A love a good nap.