Jeremy Desmon

Jeremy loves writing. And sandwiches. (And writing about sandwiches.)

As a writer of all things theatre, his work has been seen by audiences around the world. He's created live touring arena shows for Disney/Pixar, Universal Studios, Sesame Workshop, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, including three circuses, two theme park extravaganzas and an ice show. Yes, an ice show. In addition, his prolific output in the "legit" theatre — including a rock musical in development for Broadway and a high-concept comedy about the Lincoln assassination — has garnered him dozens of productions, along with a few fancy awards named after his biggest idols.

With an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and an MFA from NYU, Jeremy's worked extensively over the years with students. He spent five years as Program Director for the American Theatre Wing's SpringboardNYC program, guiding college graduates through the ins and outs of creating their own personal brand in the entertainment industry. Currently, when not writing, he teaches at the famed Triangle Writing Workshop at Princeton University.

Jeremy lives in Manhattan, right around the corner from that Starbucks. You know the one.

Start Working With Jeremy
"Applying to as many colleges as I did, with the amount of time that I had to do so, would have been impossible without the help of Jeremy and the rest of the Admissionado crew. Their edits not only showed me areas where I could improve, but they also gave extremely useful suggestions on what I could do to improve my personal statements. Jeremy was awesome in helping me find and decide what to write about and also in motivating me throughout the process (I can't count on one hand how many email exchanges we had past midnight, all of which were always super positive and supportive). I can't thank Jeremy or the rest of Admissionado enough for all the help!" - A.S., Massachusetts, USA