Ike Wilson

Ike Wilson was born and raised in Palo Alto, California, where he attended a French school for nine years. His father originally comes from Indiana, while Saigon, Vietnam is home to his mother. Ike’s parents hold degrees from Stanford, Harvard, and Georgetown, and both count many writers and professors among their close relatives.

Ike graduated from Yale College in 2011 with a BA in French and with significant additional course work in creative writing. At Yale he worked as a teacher at the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation, where he developed, and taught three courses at a summer enrichment program for gifted middle schoolers. In college he also worked as a DJ at WYBC Yale Radio and served for two years as the captain of the Yale Club Basketball team.

As the current Product Manager of Brainscape — a New York education startup that has developed an adaptive web and mobile learning platform — Ike reviews and creates educational content, and oversees all mobile app submission and management. On the side, Ike contributes to two NGOs based in Southeast Asia, and enjoys being an insufferable NBA know-it-all and general pop culture junkie.

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