Emily Shenaut

Emily was born and raised in Davis, California, a sleepy college town famous for its passionate protection of its wild toad population.

The daughter of two academics, her mornings throughout childhood consisted of Latin, violin and typing lessons, which she just recently learned to appreciate.

When Emily reached the ripe old age of eight, she decided that her ballet classes were pretty fun and threw herself into pursuing ballet as a career. After ten years of training, she moved to the East Coast to embark on a ten-year career as a professional ballet dancer. While dancing, her inner academic couldn’t be quieted, so she enrolled in the University of Delaware and graduated in three years with a B.A. in Psychology.

After retiring from life as a professional dancer, Emily received a scholarship to study at the International Academy of Film and Television in Las Vegas and set out to become an actress. The commonality in her path seems to be a burning desire to tell stories in any medium she can. She has surrendered herself to this journey and is excited to help you share your story!

Emily’s passion for storytelling is closely followed by her passion for gourmet nachos (with homemade chips and salsa). She is probably fixing a plate of them as you read this.