Ashley Hines

Ashley is an energetic spark plug who could not be happier because she just moved back to the East Coast where she is close to all of the things that matter most to her: her family, her friends and the beach.

After graduating from Dartmouth College as Captain of two division-one varsity teams and, oh yeah, with a BA in Psychology, Ashley worked as an International Equity Trader at Fidelity Investments for four years. Her competitive spirit gained through a lifetime of athletics made her a tough negotiator on the trading floor. Forever seeking growth, she then attended Columbia Business School to continue to sharpen her technical skills, and post-MBA, landed a role as an Investment Banking Associate.

After working at Bank of America in their Consumer and Retail Group with a focus on valuation and due diligence analysis for a year, Ashley moved to Texas where she worked as a Financial Restructuring Associate for a manufacturing firm going through an organization transformation. Being a part of a living, breathing organization gave Ashley the opportunity to have a real impact on people’s lives.

Now, back on the East Coast, Ashley is looking to find (or build!) something that combines her financial analysis skills with a human capital perspective. She is also relieved to be within a quarter mile of a Dunkin Donuts at all times.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys running, Pilates, cooking, juicing and obsessing over local residential real estate markets.

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