Andre Beisert

Andre was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and suffers from being a snowboarder in a snow-less country.

Besides spending pursuing snow around the world, Andre worked for 5 years at what was then the largest brewery in Brazil, and now largest in the world, ABInBev. From trainee to Marketing Manager of the second largest beer brand in the country, he made the toughest decision in his life (until then) by picking HBS over Stanford for his MBA. Oh, and he got married just before that, although that wasn't a hard decision. Unexpectedly (not...) he joined McKinsey after HBS, but after 1.5 years went on to co-found the largest fashion eCommerce in Brazil and then left to start his own company, the first online women's fashion brand. Selling the company after 3 years, he moved to C&A, the largest offline apparel retailer in Brazil and is responsible for its Digital Strategy.

In his free time, Andre practices Muay Thai three times per week, races cars once a month, practices pilates with his wife and finds time to play with his two dogs every day. Oh yes, and he is very proud of his latest acquisition, a beer freezer, which he plans to stock with his own brew soon. He's trying really hard to meditate everyday as it seems that calming the mind is a larger challenge than running 10k! An avid reader, enjoying themes ranging from astrophysics to business books and romances like The Martian, Andre actually prefers police TV series.

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What do you like most about admissions consulting?

Boosting people's potential. It's one of those opportunities to make a difference. I believe getting an MBA is such a life changing experience and that people who make the most of it can really change world. If I'm able to help with that, then I'm happy.

Tell us something that would surprise us to learn about you!

I'm an amateur racecar driver. That's my passion, I absolutely love racing cars.

Dinosaur, alien and robot: If you could adopt one of them, which would you choose and why?

Alien, no doubt. So much to teach and learn!