Kellogg, with the number one-ranked marketing program in the world (and the numbers to back it), is well-regarded for its social scene, excellent general management program, and relaxed atmosphere. Kellogg students are fiercely loyal to their school, and to one another. Almost all assignments are team-based.


One Year Program Available

Kellogg is one of the only schools in the US to provide a one-year MBA for those who want the knowledge but lack the time.

Global Lab

Kellogg’s Hands-on International Consulting Project. Learning while doing, and abroad. What could be better?

Experiential Learning

Through courses, labs and lectures, Kellogg puts a big focus on “will this work.” Rather than looking towards the past (i.e., the famed case-study method) Kellogg’s curriculum revolves around the simple principle of trying what works.

MMM Program

MBA + Master’s in Engineering Management, combined in one degree. A unique Kellogg offering, mixing engineering with a traditional MBA. It is the best of its kind.


Short for “Kellogg Worldwide Experience and Service Trips,” these are Kellogg’s much lauded, fun-filled trips for incoming students, mixing ice-breaking with adventure.

KNN - Kellogg Networking Nights

Official Networking nights over drinks with fellow students and company representatives. Kellogg organizes these elbow-rubbing events as industry-specific events (Consulting, Pharma, etc.) and as multi-industry functions as well.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 6
  • Businessweek 7
  • Financial Times 14
  • Forbes 5
  • The Economist 14
  • Wall Street Journal 12
  • Admissionado 7


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Employment Info

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Employment Rate

Top Recruiters BCG, McKinsey, Booz & Company, Bain, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft

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Admissionado Tips

Show That You’re A “People Person”

Kellogg likes applicants who know how to rub elbows, and who recognize that an MBA is about more than just learning, it’s “all about the people.” Showing that you have participated in the community, in clubs during college—all these are good ways to demonstrate that you will do the same at Kellogg, where student-run clubs are critical aspects of student life.

Show Your Sporting Side

Kellogg is known as one of the most “collegiate” MBA programs. They have a soft spot for athletes, especially those who have participated in professional, semi-professional, or even college sports teams. Use your sports experience for teamwork and leadership stories.

Practice Your Interview Skills

The Kellogg interview is extremely important! There’s a reason why they invite everybody to an interview, and it’s because you are more than just a piece of paper. Knock their socks off in the interview at all costs!

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