The Admissionado Resume Guide

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The MBA application resume may be the single-most important piece of paper in your entire application. When executed brilliantly, this North Star should quickly and snappily convey (1) career arc, (2) tasty achievements, as well as (3) distinguishing characteristics between you and the competition. It should create an ITCH in the reader to find the answers to "what's in between these lines" when they read your essays. And finally, it will serve as the foundation of your interview, should you be so lucky to get the call.

Here's the thing: most folks underestimate is the extent to which the job resume is a different beast from the MBA application resume. Those who spend the time to appreciate this distinction... profit. Based on our experience, and the patterns we've observed over the years, we have distilled our insights into to a quick, easy read that will hopefully advance your position a bit.