The Chinese Applicant Guide to MBA Admissions

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Applying to a top American business school is easy: write some essays, fill out some forms, and hooray!

You’ve applied. But getting ACCEPTED to a top American business school is really, really hard — and it’s even harder when you’re applying from the other side of the world.

Chinese MBA applicants face challenges that Americans just don’t have to deal with, but Admissionado’s “The Art of the Chinese MBA Application” is here to help. From understanding American culture and choosing the right schools to exercising your creativity and demonstrating soft skills, Admissionado will guide you through the process of creating stellar applications.

Our guide addresses the top pitfalls of Chinese apps, the golden rule of deciding on schools, and the best ways to differentiate yourself from other (seemingly) similar applicants. Join us, and together we’ll help you create an application that will make American admissions committees say “WOW!