Admissionado MBA Applicant Case Studies – Global Applicant Edition

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The case for an MBA can be shaped not just by gender, industry, career goals, and need for an MBA, but also, what part of the world you're applying from. Where you're applying from affects the way you've been shaped by the winds of culture and tradition, and also, your future aspirations depending on where you plan to end up after you earn your MBA. In this compilation, we take you through a variety of profiles from folks hailing from a variety of nations/cultures. As you read through, notice any patterns of which strategies cut across all cultures versus which strategies consider nationality and make use it in some particular way. Whatever you do, do not be tempted to copy and paste any single person's tactic to your own. Instead, dig a little deeper to understand the rationale behind the positioning at a root level, and use THAT to help sharpen your own case.