Admissionado MBA Applicant Case Studies – Chinese Applicant Edition

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As a Chinese candidate for top business schools, your challenges are immense. You are competing against not only the highest performers in the application pool, but also the most overrepresented demographic. The challenge of differentiating yourself takes on a whole new meaning. Highlighting the correct aspects of your stories, goals, backgrounds, and reasoning for why you're pursuing an MBA are even more of an art form here. The good news is this: there is a lot you can learn from seeing how OTHER applicants from China, in your exact shoes, have navigated these paths (successfully). What choices did each have at the outset? Which options did they end up choosing with respect to casing their profiles in a particular way? What can you learn about your own challenges and opportunities from studying others? Have a look, drink it in. Be inspired that others who were exactly where you are now – not too long ago – live to tell their tale! And hopefully, YOU will be one of these success stories in no time!