50 MBA Essays That Worked Vol 4

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Back by popular demand... our fourth volume of 50 Essays that Worked!

Essay prompts have been known to change from year to year, but one thing remains the same: writing a b-school essay is as difficult as answering the infamous “so, tell me about yourself…” interview question… while standing on one foot… on a tight rope…above a smoking volcano.

No doubt about it, these essays are tough to write. But writing is, above all, a process. So, in our newest volume, (just like you've come to expect from the last three) we’re featuring essays that led to admits from elite schools such as Harvard, Stanford and Columbia. And alongside several of these brilliantly polished final products, you'll see first drafts complete with our signature expert feedback and notes, which we've included to help illustrate that these admit-worthy essays don’t happen overnight.

We know you have a killer essay in you–it just needs to be unlocked and unleashed upon a fresh word processing document. So take a look at a mere sample of our clients who have channeled their passion, drive and confidence to earn a seat at a top MBA program. Every story is different, but the honesty, passion, and acumen they each display will inspire you to share your own stories with the same confidence and energy…. and land your own coveted spot in a top school.