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Which CEO Are You?

November 02, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

You’re applying to the top bschools across the country and they’re all asking you why they should let you in. What’s your response? “Because I’m a strong business leader.”

Maybe that’s true (and your job is to prove that through your essays, resume, and LORs), but what TYPE of business leader are you? What’s your leadership style? Are you more Zuckerberg or Nooyi when it comes to management style and vision? Are you the next Steve Jobs or Marissa Mayer when it comes to innovation?

If you’re itching to find out, hop on over to our Facebook page and take our “Which CEO Are You?” quiz. It’s a quick and fun way to find out more about yourself as a leader based on everything from your philosophies to your wardrobe. [And, let’s be honest, a far better way to spend your time than looking at pictures of friends of friends of friends’ Halloween costumes.]

Not only is it a fun break from those application essays, but it’s also pretty cool to see how your leadership styles line up with the most notorious (and infamous?) captains of industry in the world (And, no, Darth Vader is not on the list).

Oh, and everyone who takes the quiz is automatically entered to win a FREE Basic Package. So, yeah, just another reason to swing by our Facebook page and noodle around.