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Meet our MBA Admissions Consultants: Kimberley Nixon

January 30, 2015 :: Admissionado Team

Each week, we sit down and get to know one of our MBA Admissions Consultants.

Kimberley Nixon MBA Admissions ConsultantNot to brag, but we have an amazing team of people, and there’s more to them than just their top school pedigree or their devilish good looks. When you’re choosing an MBA Admissions consultant, you don’t just want someone in your industry or who went to your dream school. You need an MBA Admissions consultant who will be able to work with you, connect with you, and push you to be your best… and that’s not the same person for everyone. Some people need an empathetic touch; others need a drill sergeant. That’s why we think it’s so important for you to get to know our guys before you get to work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Admissionado MBA Admissions Consultant Kimberley Nixon.

So Kim, where are you living these days?
Baltimore, MD

And your MBA is from…
NYU Stern

Why did you go for an MBA?
I was a complete english/history/poli-sci dork when I was in undergrad. I hated math and didn’t want to deal with it. But I found out that I had a knack for understanding frameworks and developing solutions. I landed a job at a consulting firm, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get by for too long without rounding out my experience. So I went to business school, and this time I didn’t run from the hard stuff, I wanted to understand the bond market and the most insane financial and risk models. I wanted to know what the heck a black scholes was, and I also wanted to be able to feel confident in running my own real estate business (ultimate dream). I feel confident as a business professional now, but don’t ask me anything about black scholes.

What’s your all-time favorite memory from business school?
My all-nighters with my friends. We stayed on campus all night, and treated ourselves to an amazing meal afterwards.

What do you like most about being an MBA consultant?
I like hearing people’s stories. It’s a great way to learn about what is happening in industries I am unfamiliar with, and it’s always exciting to help people make the link between their personal path and their professional one.

What’s the COOLEST place you’ve ever been?
Egypt. It is amazing to think about the math/science, the sheer human power, and insane amount of time and energy that went into building the pyramids. Even without all of the tools and resources we have available today, they still stand. Gives you a little perspective when you complain about how hard something is. Plus, I got to ride a camel.

Tell us something surprising about you.
I try to leave the country at least once a year.

Your biggest weakness.
Peanut M&M. I realized I’ve started eating them for breakfast every now and then. Sad…don’t judge.

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