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BSchool News: Finding The Right Job and More

August 16, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

We know, we know… you’re knee-deep in apps right now. For what it’s worth, so are we. You’re thinking, “Who’s got time right now to think about getting a job AFTER bschool?” The answer? You do. Remember, the key to the whole kit and caboodle lays in connecting your past experience to your future goals, so you’d better be thinking about those future jobs now, right?

Friend Berkeley Haas Admissions on Facebook

You’re going to see more and more admissions departments getting on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs and social media.

Starting Out Your Post-MBA Job Hunt

It’s all about planning, folks. Remember those app essays that you’re writing now? There’s a good place to start.

The Best Work/Life Balance Companies

Ahem, why is Admissionado not on this list?!

Online MBAs Having Trouble Finding Mentors

Not surprising, honestly. You’re missing out on a BIG part of the MBA experience if you don’t get that in-person, one-on-one mentorship and networking.