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BSchool News: Finding Your Dream MBA School and More

October 11, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

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Being an MBA and being a Boy Scout don’t have that much in common. One negotiates multimillion-dollar deals while the other ties helps old ladies cross the street. But they can both follow the same motto – “Be Prepared.” As an future MBA, you’ll want to take this to heart this very instant. What skills do you need to get into your dream school? How do you let the adcom know that this is THE school for you? How do you find a job after graduation? By preparing yourself for this stuff in advance, you’ll be in MUCH better shape when the time comes…

Convince The Adcom You’ve Done Your Research

Convince them by actually DOING the research and getting specific.

Expanding the MBA Job Hunt

Three words: networking, networking, networking.

Military Skills Can Be Applied to Business Settings

Leadership, discipline, and hand-to-hand combat… okay, maybe not hand-to-hand combat.

Finding the Dream School

It’s all about the campus visit, folks. If you’re spending thousands on the degree, spend a little more to check out the place first.