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Bschool News: Calculating MBA Rankings and More

September 13, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

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This week, the bschool news swirling around on the Web has to do with money. How much are you spending on your MBA program? How much are you making off of your MBA degree? These are important questions that deserve SERIOUS consideration.

Besides that, it looks like Darden might be a great program for those Chinese bschool applicants out there to consider.

Getting the Most Out of Your MBA Program

The key here is not to lose out by trying to do TOO much. Balancing your time means maximizing it.

Why Chinese Students Choose Darden

Case method teaching is the draw here. It makes the transition easier for Chinese students.

MBA Rankings Follow the Money

The more money you will make after graduation, the better the program… at least that’s what the rankers are saying.

The High Cost of High MBA Costs

You’ve got to be happy with what you’re doing… but getting paid WELL is important, too.