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Big News From Admissionado! New MBA Products and Services!

November 14, 2018 :: Admissionado Team

Products Announcement | Admissionado

Dear Admissionado friends and family,

We are deeply humbled by all the positive feedback. The more people we can help, the better. Many of you guys have been requesting alternative, custom packages, more focused on essay editing. And we have delivered, but on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, we’ve been making accommodations in response to folks out there feeling the hurt of depressed currencies, or other fallout from geopolitical developments complicating plans for international study. Well, the folks at the Admissionado Products Laboratory have been busy mixing these ingredients together, and are excited to tie it all together with a slate of NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES!


  • For those whose budgets allow, we have preserved our tried and true offerings at the Deluxe and Junior Deluxe level: intensive one-on-one coaching from an elite MBA, along with our famous draft-development essay editing process with our best-in-class team of essay specialists.
  • But, to this core product line, we are adding a variety of services focused on essay analysis and feedback; these service options are designed for people short on time, with tighter budgets, but who (like everyone else) need experienced experts to perform a rags-to-riches transformation of their written work. We now offer Premium Essay Editing packages, as well as 4-Edit, 3-Edit, and 2-Edit packages. Low on cost, high on ROI.
  • And finally, we have expanded our A La Carte service to meet the growing demand of folks looking for help with Job Resumes, Cover Letters, Career Coaching, and quick Gut Checks on their applications.

For more details, please download our new MBA PRODUCTS & PRICING (FALL/WINTER 2018) guide here. And stay tuned for specials and promotions as we approach the final lap toward the R2 finish line.


Hands down the best MBA admissions consulting firm of all-time, and boy, what an incredible founder!” –– Raj Patil, Founder of Admissionado

Something for everyone:

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