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Axolotl: Putting the Pieces Together, One at a Time

July 17, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

AxolotlThe last few weeks have been a coalescence of disparate activities surrounding b-school apps:

  1. Making moves on the extracurricular front and establishing a strong narrative around my activities volunteering
  2. Ideation around essays
  3. Beginning to think about recommenders, something I’m planning to lock down by mid-August for round 1
  4. Kyn and I are remaining very objectives-focused, building the story around previously mentioned long-term and short-term goals.

So far I’ve decided to apply to just one target school for round 1, and it’s a doozy, so we’re in a careful balancing act between overfitting to one school (thus not creating sufficient leverage for potential other applications), and not being specific enough to my round 1 target.

It’s tougher than I thought. But so is this entire process. It’ll be easier once we get IN, right?

Anyway, still plenty of work to do (something I feel like I say every time I write this post), but it’s been helpful to see thoughts on paper and feel concrete progress!

Baby steps…

Axolotl’s a Finance guy looking for an MBA to make some moves in the Private Equity/Venture Capital world. He’s documenting his MBA application experience every other week – the ups, the downs, the life lessons. Follow his journey  here