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Admissionado in USA TODAY: Awesome August Advice for College

September 02, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Good morning, folks! Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, grab a breakfast pastry or two, and stretch out with this month’s round-up of Admissionado’s USA TODAY COLLEGE articles, written by Admissionado Supervising Editor Katherine Kendig. Coming at you with some great advice for college about how to choose classes for your first semester of college, the upsides to college rejections, how to get the most out of your time in college, and more. Read on!

How to Spot Deceptively Difficult Classes 

“There are some classes that are considered to be easy A’s. When I was in school, Astronomy 1 was called “Stars for Stoners.” While I can’t confirm whether or not stoners found it simple, for me, the constant content review, grade-forgiveness system and enthusiastic professor made it a pretty low-key way to earn a science credit…” (Published August 2, 2013)

The Grand College Buffet: How to Choose Your First-Semester Courses

“Classes. People will tell you that the value of college is found outside the classroom, which is true in many ways. But let’s not forget that you will (should, at least) spend much of your college experience inside a classroom…” (Published August  9, 2013)

6 Additional Items for Your College Bucket List

“Find yourself, get good grades, make lifelong friends, yada yada. All great things to strive for in college. But — let’s face it — not particularly epic. Don’t limit yourself to generics! Here are some better (err… “supplementary”) achievements to aim for…” (Published August 16, 2013)

The Rejection Files

“At the time of my college graduation, the number of things I’d applied for and been rejected by was about 50. Or maybe 60. Compared – for contrast – to about two, before I started my college applications…” (Published August 23, 2013)


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