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College News: Talking to Professors and More

July 19, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

It’s getting closer. The first week of school is less than a month away for many of you, and there’s LOTS to think about. How do I approach my professors? How do I manage my own budget? Money is a BIG topic this week in college news…

5 Pieces of Financial Advice for College Students

One of the biggest challenges you face right away in college is managing your finances. Establishing credit, setting yourself a monthly budget, and knowing how to avoid impulse buys and shopping sprees are just a few ways of making sure you keep your bank account from hitting zero.

5 Reasons to Talk to Your Professor

When you’re in a seminar class of 300 students, it can be scary, or even seem silly, to approach your prof with questions. Remember, that’s what they’re there for! Besides, they totally understand the experience of being a college student, and establishing a good relationship with a professor can help you with letters of recommendation later on in your career.

10 Colleges Whose New Grads are Deeper in Debt

College is expensive, but you already know that. But that doesn’t mean that all colleges put you in the same amount of debt. While the average student debt after graduation is about $25,000, some schools see students graduating with debt over $50,000.

College Students Are Paying More For College

Lots of families are still hurting from the economy’s downturn these past few years, and one study shows that the burden for paying for college is shifting away from parents and more on the students themselves. With parents saving less money, college funds are shrinking and more college expenses are getting put on loans.