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College News: College Application Strategies and More

October 25, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

When you’re there, high school seems complicated. Lots of homework, lots of activities, lots of people, and lots of deadlines. Then it comes time for college, and high school feels so much… simpler.

So, now you’ve got to apply to school. What do you do? What about the campus visits? So many questions… and so many answers. The online news this week has a bunch of great tips, from making the college visit to how to maximize your chances of getting accepted…

Seven Strategies to Get Into College

Many of them come down to a simple and powerful principle: don’t slack.

Cornell Launches Undergrad Business Program

Could end up being a GREAT program for future MBAs…

Better Measures of College Performance

How do you judge the success of a college? Graduation rates? Employment rates?

Five College Visit Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Visit in the “off season” so you get a better idea of the “real” campus experience. If you can handle it at its least “polished,” you know it’s the place for you.