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Admissionado in USA TODAY: Sweet September Advice for College

October 01, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Evening, folks! Pull on your snuggie and steam up some hot cocoa, curl up by the fire (does anyone still HAVE a fireplace?) and unwrap this delicious package of knowledge coming at you. Here’s this past month’s round-up of Admissionado’s USA TODAY COLLEGE articles, written by Admissionado Supervising Editor Katherine Kendig. This month’s edition has some great advice for college on finding friends, study abroad, and how to handle a crisis at home while you’re away at college.

Check it out:

Hey Freshman, You’re Not So Boring After All

I went to school in New Hampshire, but it seemed like the overwhelming majority of people I met my first week were either from NorCal or SoCal. As if those terms weren’t enough, these Nor- and SoCalians always went a step further when they found each other, narrowing down their origins by county, city, suburb, neighborhood and proximity-to-friend-or-relative-who-lives-near-that-Trader-Joe’s-on-Sawtelle/OMG-I-go-there-all-the-time! (Published on September 1st, 2013.)

Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Study Abroad

Don’t tell my professors, but the biggest reason I chose Anthropology as my major wasn’t my deep love of kinship structures, but rather because the department’s study-abroad program went to New Zealand. In point of fact, I don’t have any kind of love for kinship structures – but I do like studying culture, and the NZ trip made everything else worth it. (Published on September 13, 2013.)

 How to Handle Problems at Home While You’re Away at College

Going off to college is like launching off in a space shuttle headed to the moon: All the folks at home eagerly track your progress, anticipate your success and worry about your safety. They’re always a little concerned that something will go wrong while you’re “all alone” out there. But sometimes, it’s Houston that has the problem. (Published on September 20, 2013.)

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