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Admissionado in USA TODAY COLLEGE: Summertime Smarts

July 29, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Good morning, folks! Grab an iced tea or a lemonade, stretch out by the pool, and enjoy this summertime round-up of Admissionado’s USA TODAY COLLEGE articles, written by Admissionado Supervising Editor Katherine Kendig. Coming at you with some great advice about fear in college, campus dining, friendships, and more. Read on!

Opinion: In College, it’s Better Late Than Never

“One of my friends in college submitted her application for campus housing weeks after the deadline every semester and always ended up with a swankier room than anyone else. Don’t worry, parents — I’m not endorsing or recommending this strategy…” (Published June 7, 2013)

How to Get Involved–And Stay Involved

“You don’t necessarily have to join a club or a group at school. You don’t have to volunteer or play a sport or have a job. But if you’re not doing any of these things, you’re definitely not taking full advantage of your education. (And what’s more, you’re missing out on tons of free food…)” (Published June 28, 2013)

How Fear Will Help You in College

“I was never very good at sports. Part of the problem was a lack of coordination and a deplorable sense of muscle memory. But part of the problem was that I could never get the attitude right…” (Published July 5, 2013)

How to Navigate Campus Dining, For Better or Worse

“I’ll never forget the wide-eyed look of wonder on my little brother’s face when he visited me at school and first saw the dining hall. He wandered slowly from hot line to salad bar to kosher grill to panini station, awed by the knowledge that he could get whatever he wanted. (Unfortunately, he’d just gotten braces, so “whatever he wanted” turned out to be a yogurt parfait and some soup…)” (Published July 12, 2013)

How to Keep Your High School Friendships Alive in College

“BFFs. Besties. “Bestiez.” Brothers from other mothers. Sisters at heart. People tell you all the time that you and your friends will grow apart during college, but you probably won’t really believe them until it actually … happens…” (Published July 19, 2013)