5 Signs You’ve Taken On Too Many Extracurriculars

Too Many Extracurriculars | Admissionado

We’re just diving right in:

1. You feel fatigued 

Are you having to stay up really late to get your homework done or prepare for exams? Or are you simply having trouble sleeping because your mind is restless? This could be a sign that you’re involved in too much.

2. You feel rushed 

Are you always late to meetings? Or rushing out early? If your calendar is overbooked, with overlaps everywhere, it is definitely time to start trimming the excess.

3. You don’t feel like you’re really excelling at anything

“Practice makes perfect” may sound trite, but it’s true. No one ever made an impact or became really good at something by doing it every once in a while. By committing to just a few activities and seeing them through, you may discover a talent or a passion you didn’t even know you had!

4. Your grades are slipping 

Did you bomb a recent test, not because you didn’t care but because you simply didn’t have time to prepare? Have teachers been complaining that your work looks sloppy? Extracurriculars are important, but they are not the primary reason you are at school — your education should come first!

5. You don’t have any “me time” 

There is a great deal of research that supports slowing down and taking time for oneself. No, you don’t necessarily have to meditate, but you should have at least one day per week where you can sit quietly and read, hang out with your family, or catch up on your favorite TV show.

Every student is different — some thrive on busier schedules, while others need to move at a slower pace to do well. Find a balance between school and outside activities that allows you to mature, succeed academically, and engage in creative pursuits with your community.

Good luck!


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