Bootcamp: Basic Training


BOOTCAMP: MBA Application Basic Training

“Where should I apply? What are my chances? What strategies will help me get in? What do I wear on the first day?” If you’re applying to b-school, you probably have tons of questions. Luckily, Admissionado’s intensive, interactive MBA Application Basic Training program is designed to answer… all of them.

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March Course Dates:
April 24, 28 and May 1, 2014 @ 8PM EST


Session 1: 2 Hours
Session 2: 2 Hours
Session 3: 1 Hour

Price: 5 Hours - $199

Capacity: 10 People


The course is a 5-hour, 3-day bootcamp, covering every step of your MBA application journey. We start by helping you assess your chances, map out a reasonable plan of attack, and set up a timeline. Then we move into the nuts and bolts of the essay writing process, from your first ideas to your final spell check. Finally, we will cover all the other aspects of a successful application, including how to perfect your MBA resume, how to coach your recommenders, and even what to do after your app has been submitted (…besides bite your nails). Ultimately, Admissionado’s Application Bootcamp covers, well, everything.

What’s more, these classes are extraordinarily interactive. Participants will be assigned homework and encouraged to engage with their fellow campers and fearless leaders. So come on! Join us as we take a dip in the sea of b-school knowledge…

By the end of this course, all participants will:

  • know what it takes to apply to business school
  • understand how to craft effective MBA essays
  • develop effective candidacy and strategy

Applying to business school is a game. We’ll not only teach you how to play it, but we’ll give you an inside look at the players, rules, and strategies.


SESSION 1 [2 hours]

Part One: Looking Outward (Review of MBA Application Process)
- Overview of an MBA Application
- Overview of MBA Application Timeline & Schedule
Part Two: Looking Inward (Evaluating Yourself, Your Candidacy)
- Interactive Applicant Profile Assessments
- The Art of Marketing and Self-Packaging
Part Three: The Art of the MBA Resume:
- The Framework
- What Should and Should Not Be Included
- Common Pitfalls

After this session, all participants will have a complete understanding of what it takes to apply to business school.

SESSION 2 [2 hours]

Part One: The Art of Essay Writing
- How to Select Topics: Step-by-Step
- 5 Foolproof Tips for Writing Application Essays
- The 5 Most Common Pitfalls in Writing Application Essays
- How to Structure an MBA Essay
- Is the Optional Essay Right for You?
Part Two: Interactive Review
- Essays That Worked (And Why)
- Essays That Failed (And Why)
- Review of Class Samples
- Q&A

After this session, all participants will have a sound understanding of how to craft effective MBA essays.

SESSION 3 [1 hour]

Application Obstacles:
- Weakness Review: Discussing and Addressing Applicants’ 5 Biggest Weaknesses
- Review, Q&A

After this session, every participant will understand all aspects of an MBA application, and how an effective candidacy weaves together each element.


D.S., India:

I attended a 3 day Admissionado bootcamp in last week of May and got a clear sense of what it would be like in one’s b-school application process and how Adcom perceives it.

It was fantastic and thanks to Dominic for making the session Interactive from the very beginning…He made it very clear that as an HBS grad he wants us to actively participate in the session and make it look like b-school class environment where you won’t be able to sit to listen to only…

I would say it’s a great head-start for one’s application in all possible fields where an Admission Consultant can help you in – Resume, LORs and those suckers..yup! I’m talking about the essays…Dom will make it shining better and better by compelling you to get involved in it with some serious efforts. He would show you the right path in this short session (5 hours total in 3 days)…

I would rate it the 5/5. I highly recommend this to the folks who want a head-start in their application…. especially International applicants would be immensely benefited from these considering its high quality and low price.

S.P., UK:

Before taking the bootcamp class, I felt like I didn’t have a clear direction on the best way to approach crafting and articulating my story. Now, after the course, I feel like I have a great starting point to begin crafting what I need to say and what I really don’t want to say about myself.

M.G., India:

I’m not new to writing applications – I had already read through Paul Bodine and a few similar books, and had completed 2 application prior to attending . I can confidently say that going in, I had a good idea of what goes into a good essay. Before each of the three webinars, they sent out a homework assignment (resume and two essays)….And get this – the consultant would come into the next webinar with his very incisive comments about each person’s homework. No fluff, just plain good advice. He would review each person’s submission first as an AdCom member willing to point out the obvious flaws and then, as an admissions consultant willing to help you fix them. We were a small group of 7 people, which I felt was ideal since it allowed for ample discussion for everyone.

Since this was the basic Bootcamp, he reviewed our career goals essay and our resume – two of the most important application components as anyone would tell you. Knowing that I have those two nailed down now, gives me the confidence to approach my personal essays that much more securely. I would recommend this both to folks who are new into the process and have no idea, and to the guys who want to get their basic story validated.

PS: One of the things that stood out was that in those 6 hrs the consultant did not, even *once*, talk us into using his client packages. Not only is that ethical, it is also endearing.



Harvard Business School, Class of 2009
Dominic’s broad-based experience spans from his co-founding a major non-profit focused on animal welfare, to the next day co-founding a valet parking service, all while working in the “traditional” management consulting space. Let’s put it this way: Dom Dragisich never has any “downtime”…
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Spring Course Dates:
April 24, 2014 @ 8PM EST
April 28, 2014 @ 8PM EST
May 1, 2014 @ 8PM EST

Price: $199

**Can’t make it in March? Additional dates will be released soon! Contact Us for details.