Tiffany Chen

Tiffany is an international education policy expert, fueled by a desire to promote universal education and her own stubborn refusal to do anything easy.

For her undergraduate studies at Brown University, Tiffany completed two Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and Economics. Outside her studies, Tiffany was a choreographer and director for her dance company – break dance battles are no joke. Tiffany went on to manage education projects in India and Argentina before committing a year to living and teaching in the Amazon regions of Guyana. She is still unsure which was more uncooperative – the wildlife or the bureaucracy – but she eventually succeeded in implementing educational technology to underserved communities in the region.

This experience inspired her to pursue her Master’s degree in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics. She wrote her dissertation on the use of technology to make education services more accessible, equitable, and efficient. Her next goal is to turn her dissertation into reality, starting by challenging the conventions of higher education. After accidentally provoking a 10-foot black caiman crocodile, elite admissions committees are easy prey.

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