Spencer Gilbert

A world traveler, Spencer Gilbert has lived on three continents and worked on all of them except Antarctica.

However, as a fanatical dealmaker, he has no doubt that he can convince the Penguins Union to come together with industry and open up all-penguin manufacturing at the South Pole – thus bringing his total to all seven! As an alumnus of several graduate programs, including the Stanford School of Public Policy and the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University (and soon to be Oxford), and serial entrepreneur and investment guy, Spencer loves working with MBA’s.

He’s currently the chairman of a global advisory and private equity/venture capital firm that works with companies in India, China, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Iraq, Turkey and most other emerging markets. He also serves as an executive or senior advisor to other investment banks, funds and companies. He’s not as serious as he sounds though, and finds just about any opportunity he can to avoid wearing a suit and tie.

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What’s the COOLEST place you’ve ever visited? Why was it so cooool?

Ok, I have been EVERYWHERE so this is a rough question but I would have to say, (just in terms of making me feel kinda Indiana Jones slash Andrew Carnegieish) would have to be Manaus Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon. I did some big deals there, swam in the Amazon. Manaus makes for the best stories.

Tell us something that would surprise us to learn about you.

In 2004 I spent a lot of the year in the hospital. I was so sick that my doctors didn’t expect me to live past Christmas. I didn’t die (clearly!), but did spend 2 years in a wheelchair. I now own companies that span the globe (and aren’t small). Helping kids figure their lives out is a way (for me) to show how grateful I am to be alive.