Jeff Chenoweth

Jeff Chenoweth has a Bachelor's in Professional Writing, and a PhD in Beard Maintenance.

Mr. Chenoweth has made a career of profoundly impacting the marketing strategies of numerous companies ranging from DIY bakers to fin-tech software developers. Armed with a keen eye for matching content to audience demand, and a talent with the pen itself, Jeff brings boatloads of passion and expertise to Admissionado. Between his eye for design, his feel for topical content, and his work ethic, he adds a vital injection to Admissionado's commitment to connecting meaningfully with its fast-growing audience.

Given Mr. Chenoweth's impressive achievements thus far, it may come as a surprise that he is, in fact, a millennial. But all it takes is the occasional reminder of his rock-climbing exploits or a quick glimpse at the dichotomous crisply shorn head and woolly beard, to remember. Millennial or otherwise, Mr. Chenoweth is playing the part of a seasoned marketing guru, otherwise known as a veritable weapon in the Admissionado squadron.

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