Heinrich Rusche

A half-German and half-Italian multi-cultural wiz, Heinrich is a sharp analytical thinker who’s highly passionate about everything he does. No surprise he is based in Munich, a place often referred to as the most northern city of Italy at the crossroad of European cultures.

Prior to pursuing his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore, Heinrich graduated from the University of Munich with a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.Sc. in Business Administration. He also graduated from London School of Economics with a M.Sc. Accounting and Finance and worked as strategy consultant in Europe and Russia, soaking up various disciplines and international experience in equal amounts.

While consulting, Heinrich focused on marketing and sales for consumer goods with a preference for apparel and luxury clients. (He won’t deny having good taste, which is how he ended up at Admissionado!) Heinrich also founded the social organization Digital Helpers, which collects decommissioned PCs from corporations and donates them to refugees and other people in need - with 1,000+ donated devices to date.

In his down time, Heinrich has a passion for sports; running, bouldering, gym athletics… you name it, his muscles have seen it. He’s also a travel addict and always on a mission to check off new countries on his personal world map. Leveraging this diverse skillset and experience, Heinrich loves to help applicants discover their passions and to translate them into winning MBA essays.

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