Cleo Handler

Cleo Handler, originally from Los Angeles, is a recent graduate of Yale University (’12) with both a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies.

A National Merit Scholarship Winner and AP Scholar with Honors, she received Yale’s Walter Parkes Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Dedication to the Arts, and was nominated for the prestigious Louis Sudler Prize for Excellence in the Arts. Excelling in both the arts and sciences, Cleo was selected to be a Yale O’Neill Playwriting Fellow and, as such, taught playwriting to high school students. She has served in a literary capacity at the Ojai Playwrights Conference, as well as Hasbro Studios. As a distinguised science student at Yale, Cleo has written many psychological reports and worked in the Anxiety Lab at the Child Study Center, where she conducted research, and designed and carried out her own psychological experiments. She currently lives in New York.

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What's the COOLEST place you've ever visited? Why was it so cooool?

Swaziland! It was amazing because a) it was SWAZILAND and so, so different from anywhere I'd ever been before and b) I went as a part of a Yale summer program called "Arts and Public Health in Action: Study of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland." We basically spent 6 weeks learning about public health, working with a group called "Clowns Without Borders," and CLOWNING in hospitals and schools all over the country to raise awareness. We had to go through this crazy process called "birthing our clowns." Mine was a cheerleader.

Why did you go for an MBA?

I went to Yale College because I wanted to have a thorough, well-rounded, fantastic education that would allow me to do as much acting and writing as I wanted, while also allowing me to study Psychology and the other academic subjects I was interested in at a high level. (And honestly, I was probably a little influenced by Gilmore Girls as well). I actually started as pre-med, but eventually switched back to double major in Theater Studies, which I'd always loved so I guess it kind of spun me in a different direction. But I guess that's what college is all about, right? Finding your passion.

What do you like most about admissions consulting?

It's great to be able to help guide people through a time that I know can be incredibly stressful and emotional. (I remember!) If there's anything I can do to help students feel more prepared, confident, and ready to take on the crazy world of admissions, then I am more than happy to help.